昨今、お客さまのニーズも多様化し、トレンドに固執せず、自分に合ったライフスタイルを楽しみながら「私らしさ」や「新しい自分」を発見し、個性を際立たせたいと願う方が多いと言われています。 そういった方々は特に敏感だと思うのですが、私自身も大切に思うのは、日常の中で、ちょっとした自分の変化に驚きや喜び、高揚感を得る、その「一瞬」です。誰もがそのような一瞬に出会えることを期待して訪れる場所が「サロン」ではないでしょうか。そして、日々出会う数多くのお客さまの「一瞬」のために、切磋琢磨する理美容師の方々を、私は心から尊敬しています。

「Together with beauty creators」


代表取締役社長 カタリーナ・ヘーネ


Together with professionals, we will enrich our customers
lives by creating a touching beauty experiences.

According to Shiseido group’s mission statement “We inspire a life of beauty and culture”, we put so much effort to provide and to be appreciated by the consumers/stakeholders for the next 100 years.
Shiseido Professional Inc.(SPI) as a member of Shiseido group hopes to contribute to the growth of Japan beauty industry and to the success of each one of our customer. We continue to learn customer’s demand/need and support their attempts to achieve one’s own beauty. That way, we believe we can help society.

In today’s world, each individual customer has a different opinion/unique demand and they have a way to deal with fashion/lifestyle trend. They choose what they feel right for themselves, try to find a ‘new’ (or different) persona in themselves and display his/her individuality.
Like most people, I myself find it important to have a moment in everyday life where a change/diversion could bring you joy and/or excitement. Perhaps, (beauty/hair) salon is one of those places where we can find such special moment. In each salon, you’d meet stylists who dedicate themselves to creating a touching beauty experiences/producing a special moment for countless customers day after day. For that reason, I profoundly respect them.

Shiseido Professional Inc.(SPI) appreciates talent, skill and warmhearted personality among those wonderful stylists and they are the ones we want to work with. We wish to develop, collaborate and co-produce services and products that can benefit them, taking lots in from the current trend. Nothing can make us prouder than our customer’s success.

「Together with beauty creators」
Together with beauty creators, we will discover/develop the value of beauty we believe in and figure out the way we bring them into life, on the inside and the outside. Let us capture the moment when each customer finds their own unique beauty, celebrate that moment and make it last (timeless).

We thank you all for your kind understanding and hope that you provide us with continuous support.

Katharina Hoehne
President & CEO
Shiseido Professional Inc.

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